Sipura Spa 2000 Analog Voip Adapter

by ItemSea on January 25, 2011

Sipura Spa 2000 Analog Voip Adapter

Sipura Spa 2000 Analog Voip Adapter  pictures

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Sipura SPA 2000 Analog VOIP Adapter The SPA features two POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) ports for connection to existing analog phones fax machines PBX and key system communication platforms. The SPA includes an Ethernet interface for connection to a home or office LAN. With the SPA-2000 each phone port can be independently provisioned via software controlled by the service provider or the end user.

With the SPA individuals and companies are able to protect and extend their past investments in telephones conference speakerphones and fax machines as well as control their migration to IP with an extremely affordable incremental investment.

Installed by the end user and remotely provisioned configured and maintained by the service provider each SPA converts voice traffic into data packets for transmission over an IP network. The SPA can be used in consumer and business IP telephony service offerings including full-featured IP Centrex. The SPA delivers clear sounding voice and reliable fax calling through its implementation of internationally recognized standards for voice and data networking.

Sipura Spa 2000 Analog Voip Adapter  imageSipura Spa 2000 Analog Voip Adapter  pictureSipura Spa 2000 Analog Voip Adapter  images



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